How MEMS ‘accelerate’ North Finder

How MEMS ‘accelerate’ north finder

The high-precision north finder is a high-precision dual-axis dynamic tuned gyroscope that can automatically determine the true north direction of the attached carrier by measuring the rotation angular velocity of the earth. It is not affected by the external magnetic field or other environments. Ericco’s ER-MNS-05 (0.5°/1°), it can also be combined Acceleration is used to measure and correct the horizontal angle, which is mainly used in the fields of borehole directional instrument, drilling equipment control and measurement, marine survey, three-dimensional scanner, radar, antenna, military vehicle and so on.

Ericco’s ER-MNS-05

The north finder is mainly used to quickly and autonomously determine the true north direction. After the azimuth angle is obtained, the device starts to move, and can continuously output changing dynamic inclination and azimuth angles. Ericco’s MEMS gyroscope ER-MG2-100 is used for north finding, and the built-in IMU is used for inclination measurement and azimuth calculation. It has the characteristics of small size, low price, low power consumption, long life and high reliability.

Ericco’s MEMS gyroscope

Ericco’s Economical MEMS North Seeker ER-MNS-04 (0.5°/1°) is composed of MEMS gyroscope, accelerometer, mechanical rotation device and signal calculation circuit . The miniature gyroscope north finder uses a rate gyroscope to measure the rotation angular velocity of the earth to calculate the azimuth angle. The product collects the output of the gyroscope at different azimuth angles and performs The signal processing calculates the azimuth angle of the device.

Among them, the IMU inertial measurement unit is an important part, and the internal MEMS accelerometer is one of the components of the IMU inertial measurement unit, which is mainly used for acceleration in the three directions of X\Y\Z axis to match the gyroscope. And calculate the correct angle required by the north finder.

The dynamic gyro north finder is a gyroscope that uses the strap-down compass effect to solve the true north direction. The dynamic gyro north finder is composed of a three-axis dynamic gyro, a three-axis meter, a data acquisition and processing module, a secondary power supply, an optocoupler isolated input and output serial port circuit and other related structural parts. The product enters the preheating time after power on, and the product enters the initial self-alignment under the condition of the moving base after the preheating time is over. 30 minutes after the north finder is powered on, the aircraft carrying the product can sail on the sea.

The dynamic gyro north finder is mainly used in navigation. The dynamic gyro north finder will output the heading angle, roll angle and pitch angle in time. Performance indicators of the dynamic gyro north finder: measurement accuracy, measurement range, preparation time, external input signal and error, etc.

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