Inertial Testing Device

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Ericco provides high quality and low cost Inertial Testing Device to the customers worldwide, the quality and after service are proven to be well guaranteed. Just come and get more details with us.

Dual Axis Position/Rate Turntable

ER-AC216/217 (±30 Seconds of arc) Features:
1. Compact and high performance price ratio;
2. Connecting the measured unit by slip ring or soft cable;
3. The controller can be used directly, drive system and sinusoidal coder.

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Two Axis Rate Turntable

ER-ZX2V300T Features:
1. Two axis rate turntable;
2. RS232, RS485 communication interface;
3. Excellent rate stability and rate accuracy, accurate control precision.

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Non-Magnetic Rate Turntable

ER-W3M195T (≤3’) Features:
1. Small, lightweight and easy to carry;
2. Each axis has a scale and cursor, clear readings;
3. The entire body uses non-magnetic materials.

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3-Axis Magnetless turntable

ER-W3M300T (3’) Features:
1. 3-Axis magnetless turntable;
2. Load largest installation space: Φ300*300mm;
3. Table relative rotation center drooping: 150mm.

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