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FOG North Finder

ER-FOG North Finder For Mining

ER-FOG North Finder For Mining

1.Find the north time: 5min
2.Azimuth measurement range:0°~360°
3.Inclination measurement range:-30°~+30°
4.Inclination measurement accuracy:≤0.2°
5.Azimuth measurement accuracy ≤2.0°
6.Azimuth retention time:10min
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1. Constitute

The optical fiber is consisting of system single axis fiber gyro, three-axis MEMS inertial unit, translocation actuator, secondary power supply, gyro board, navigation computer, system interface circuit.


2. Functional Requirements

The north finder is used to measure the horizontal posture of the carrier and the indexing mechanism ‘s location is to get the output optical fiber Gyro and MEMS unit position , the error compensation by internal data processing unit, the initial search north calculating and gesture decoding processing, such as information.


3. Main Technical Index

3.1 Common Requirements

Start time(from powered on to the data output) 5seconds

Find the north time(from the system starting to the precise output)≤5min

System weight ≤1.6kg

System measurement 200mm×100mm×90mm

Communication Interface : RS422 serial port

Data refresh rate:1000HZ

Working temperature:5℃55℃;

Storage temperature:-40℃+60℃


3.2 North Finding Accuracy

Find north way Stationary base

Find the north time:5min

Azimuth measurement range:0°~360°

Inclination measurement range:-30°~+30°

Inclination measurement accuracy:≤0.2°

Azimuth measurement accuracy ≤2.0°

Azimuth retention time10min


4. Power Requirement

4.1 Secondary Power


Voltage :direct current::12V±1v


static 12.0V    operating voltage15W 

dynamic :12.0V    operating voltage ≤20W 


5. Stability


product life cycleMTBF5000h


6. Environmental  Adaptation



Meet the requirements of vibration impact environment and electromagnetic compatibility of shearer.

Vibration max5.0g   frequency range 10Hz ~1000Hz  sweep  rate≤ 1 oct/min


Shock :accelerate 20.0g  pulse time of duration 11±1ms half-sine wave

7. Transportation

Railway highway sea and air shipping is suitable 

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