Two Axis MEMS Gyro

ER-2MG-03 (10°/h)
1. Zero bias stability (Allen): 10°/h;
2. Temperature compensation;
3. Install the misalignment angle compensation.

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High Performance Dynamic FOG North Finder

High Performance Dynamic FOG North Seeker

ER-FNS-01 (0.02°-0.5°):
1. Dynamic direction initial alignment & keeping solution;
2. Suitable for land surveying and mapping & direction control for moving vehicles, carriers;
3. High performance FOG & Quartz accelerometer as core sensor.

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High Precision FOG North Finder

High Precision FOG North Seeker

ER-FNS-02 (0.02°-0.1°):
1. High precision initial alignment & direction control solution;
2. FOG and quartz accelerometer as core sensors;
3. High stability and reliability.

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