High Performance Dynamic FOG North Finder

High Performance Dynamic FOG North Finder

ER-FNS-01 (0.02°-0.5°):
1. Dynamic direction initial alignment & keeping solution;
2. Suitable for land surveying and mapping & direction control for moving vehicles, carriers;
3. High performance FOG & Quartz accelerometer as core sensor.

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High Precision FOG North Finder

High Precision FOG North Finder

ER-FNS-02 (0.02°-0.1°):
1. High precision initial alignment & direction control solution;
2. FOG and quartz accelerometer as core sensors;
3. High stability and reliability.

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Gyro While Drilling FOG INS

ER-Gyro-03 (0°~180°/±0.2°)
1. Inclination: ±0.2°; azimuth: ±2.0°; tool face angle: ±0.5°;
2. Measure while drilling & real-time upload & draw of measurement data;
3. Automatic north seeking & continuous attitude and position measurement.

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GNSS High Precision Positioning Module

1. Integrated 9-axis IMU to support onboard integrated navigation;
2. Support L-band, can receive “China precision” to achieve single centimeter level positioning;
3. Support external high performance inertial navigation, improve the precision of integrated navigation.

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