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An integrated circuit is a small electronic device or component. Using a certain process, the required transistors, resistors, capacitors and inductors in a circuit and wiring interconnect together, made on a small or several small pieces of semiconductor wafer or dielectric substrate, and then encapsulated in a shell, to become a micro structure with the required circuit functions; All the components have been formed as a whole in structure, which makes the electronic components towards the micro, low power consumption, intelligence and high reliability a big step forward.


Strong Driving Force CPU

1. Based on New Arch™;
2. High bandwidth memory interface: Support DDR4-3200, the actual bandwidth is more than 25GB/s;
3. Integrated Eco-compatibility: Real-time translation for applications with different architectures.

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Economical CPU

Economical CPU

1. Graphics card memory: 16-bit DDR3 controller;
2. Supports dual-channel DVO display;
3. Power Consumption5-8W.

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