Satellite Signal Simulator

Ericco provides high reliability and low cost GNSS/Satellite Signal Simulator to the customers worldwide, the quality and after service are proven to be well guaranteed. Ericco also customizes various GNSS Signal Simulators according to the customers' special requirements. Just come and get more details with us.

Signal Analog Device

Signal Analog Device

ER-S-300 Features:
1. Satellite constellation hybrid simulation;
2. Path simulating;
3. Environment simulating;
4. Man-machine interaction.

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Navigation Communication Simulator

ER-S-4100 Features:
1. Flexible, easy-to-use control software;
2. Outstanding short message communication capabilities, with positioning and timing functions;
3. Ransmit and receive of inbound and outbound signals capable of simulating the BeiDou system.

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Multi-System Satellite Navigation Signal Simulator

Multi-System Satellite Navigation Signal Simulator

ER-S-8000 Features:
1. The basic support of satellite navigation signal simulation;
2. The basic support receiver antenna modeling, simulation vector rotation;
3. The basic simulation with the Beidou satellite navigation system, has an evaluation software.

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