The Structure of FOG North Finder

The FOG north finder is mainly used for quickly confirm the true north orieation,

The FOG North finder is mainly used to determine the true north direction quickly and autonomously. Through the high-precision fiber optic gyro tracking to obtain the earth’s rotation angular velocity, the earth’s rotation angular velocity signal is decomposed and solved, and the angle between the gyro major axis and the earth’s true north direction is calculated, and the carrier is provided with azimuth information.

The fiber optic gyro north seeker is an electromechanical product consisting of a fiber optic gyroscope, accelerometer, mechanical rotation control device and embedded computer

In order to realize the north seeking, four positions of the gyroscope should be transposed, and the difference between each two positions is 90°. The accuracy of the indexing directly affects the accuracy of the north seeker. In the design, the stepping motor is controlled by a single chip computer to realize the indexing. Stepping motor transposition 128-bit subdivision to ensure the accuracy of transposition.

The structural design fully examines the waterproof requirements in the technical requirements of the filter. The product is in the form of a fully sealed structure. The connector is waterproof and the sealed rubber ring between the lid and the base meets the waterproof requirements. ,

In the design of the structure, the requirements of small volume and light weight are fully examined. When the structure is designed, the symmetrical structure of the rotating body is adopted to ensure the requirement for the accuracy of north seeking for deformation after a long time.

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