The Application of MEMS Accelerometer in North Finder

High precision north finder is a dual-axis dynamically tuned gyroscope by measuring the earth rotation angular velocity, the carrier attached to the independence of true north direction value, is not affected by external magnetic field or other environmental interference and influence, and it can also be combined with a horizontal Angle acceleration measurement and correction, is mainly used in directional drilling, drilling equipment detection, the ocean as measurement, 3 d scanners, radar, antennas, military vehicles, and other fields.

North finder

It is mainly used to determine the true north direction quickly and autonomously. After the azimuth Angle is obtained, the equipment starts to move, and the dynamic dip Angle and azimuth Angle can be output continuously.The MEMS gyroscope is used for north finding, and the built-in IMU is used for dip Angle measurement and azimuth calculation. It has the characteristics of small size, low price, low power consumption, long life and high reliability.


MEMS gyroscope, accelerometer, mechanical rotation device and signal solution circuit, the micro gyroscope north finder uses rate gyroscope to measure the angular velocity of the earth rotation, so as to calculate the azimuth Angle, the product collects the output of the gyroscope in different azimuth angles, and calculates the azimuth Angle of the equipment for signal processing.


Of which the IMU’s inertial measurement unit is an important component, which is internal to MEMS


Accelerometer is also one of the components of IMU inertial measurement unit, which is mainly used as the acceleration of X\Y\Z axis in three directions so as to cooperate with the gyroscope and solve the correct Angle needed by the north finder.


Dynamic gyroscope north finder is a gyroscope which can solve true north direction by strapdown effect.


The dynamic gyro north finder consists of a three-axis dynamically adjustable gyro, a three-axis plus meter, a data acquisition and processing module, a secondary power supply, an optically decoupled input-output serial port circuit and other related structures.After power-on and power-on, the product enters the preheating time, and after the preheating time, the product enters the initial self-alignment under the condition of moving base.After the North Finder is energized for 30 minutes, the vessel carrying the product can sail at sea.


Dynamic gyro north finder is mainly used in sea navigation. During sea navigation, dynamic gyro north finder outputs course Angle, roll Angle and pitch Angle timely.


The performance indexes of dynamic gyro north finder include measurement accuracy, measurement range, preparation time, external input signal and error.

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