Small Size Quartz Accelerometer For Aerospace

Small Size Quartz Accelerometer For Aerospace

1. Bias repeatability: 15-80μg;
2. Scale factor repeatability: 15-80ppm;
3. Class II non-linearity repeatability: 20-50μg/g2.

Small Size Quartz Accelerometer For Aerospace

Small Size Quartz Accelerometer For Aerospace

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    ER-QA-03C Small Size Quartz Accelerometer For Aerospace

    ER-QA-03C Small Size Quartz Accelerometer for aerospace is a smaller volume quartz accelerometer, not only it can be used in aviation and aerospace inertial tests but also can be used in both static and dynamic acceleration measurements. In addition, the accelerometer uses a temperature sensor, which the operator can use to compensate bias and scale factor parameters to reduce the influence of temperature factors.

    Applications in inertial navigation and guidance systems
    Missiles, aircraft, ships, combat vehicles and other navigation and guidance systems must have speed and position information, in the occasion of low requirements, people use air speedometer, Mach number sensor, odometer, etc. But with the improvement of the performance requirements of weapon systems, the above instruments can not meet the requirements. The linear accelerometer can be installed in the moving object to directly measure its acceleration, and then get the speed and position, the measurement accuracy is high, the dynamic performance is good, far better than the air speedometer, odometer. Therefore, linear accelerometer is one of the most important applications in inertial navigation guidance system.


    3Bias≤±5 mg≤±5 mg≤±5 mg
    4Scale factor1.0±0.2 mA/g1.0±0.2 mA/g1.0±0.2 mA/g
    5Class II non-linearity≤±20 μg/g2≤±30 μg/g2≤±50 μg/g2
    6Bias repeatability≤15 μg≤50 μg≤80 μg
    7Scale factor repeatability≤15ppm≤50 ppm≤80ppm
    8Class II non-linearity repeatability≤±20 μg/g2≤±30 μg/g2≤±50 μg/g2
    9Bias temp coefficient≤±15 μg/℃≤±50 μg/℃≤±80 μg/℃
    10Scale factor temp coefficient≤±15 ppm/℃≤±80 ppm/℃≤±100 ppm/℃
    12Natural frequency350~800 Hz350~800 Hz350~800 Hz
    13Bandwidth800~2500 Hz800~2500 Hz800~2500 Hz
    14Vibration10g (20-2000Hz)10g (20-2000Hz)10g (20-2000Hz)
    15Shock150g, 0.5ms, 1/2sin
    16Operating temperature-55~+85℃-55~+85℃-55~+85℃
    17Storage temperature-60~+120℃-60~+120℃60~+120℃
    19Consume current≤±20mA≤±20mA≤±20mA

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