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High Quality Drone Antenna

High Quality Drone Antenna

ER-MA-05 Features:
1. Toughest Precision Antenna;
2. Strong Anti-interference Performance;
3. Tracking in Challenging Environments;
4. Advanced D-QHA Technology.

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1. High accuracy FOG IMU unit, customizable solution;
2. Gyro-bias stability/repeatability: 0.05°-0.1°/h, accelerometer-10g.

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High-Precision RTK Positioning Module

ER-GM-440 Features:
1. 30×40mm size, single-sided surface mount module;
2. RTK initialization time is better than 5s, supporting RTK calculation over 20km;
3. 20Hz high data output rate;
4. Adaptable to low-cost active ceramic antennas.

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GNSS Measurement Antenna

GNSS Smart Antenna

ER-MA-09 Features:
1. High Phase Center Stability;
2. Tracking in Challenging Environments;
3. Small Size and Light Weight.

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BDSGPS Dual-Mode Positioning Module

BDS/GPS Dual-Mode Positioning Module

ER-GM-220-III NV Features:
1. Size: 6.0×12.2×2.4mm;
2. Package: 24-pin, SMD surface mount;
3. Ulti-system joint positioning 1PPS support;
4. First time (TTFF): Cold start: 30s Sensitivity BDS GPS.

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Low Altitude Slow Small Target Defense System AUAV-Vehicular

ER-AUR-02 Features:
1. Module design: detection system using modular design, you can freely select the detection system;
2. Mainstream frequency band suppression: convert the mainstream radio communication band;
3. Standard electricity: equipment using standard 220V mains, no power equipment.

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