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High Precision FOG North Finder

High Precision FOG North Seeker

ER-FNS-02 (0.02°-0.1°):
1. High precision initial alignment & direction control solution;
2. FOG and quartz accelerometer as core sensors;
3. High stability and reliability.

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High Quality Drone Antenna

High Quality Drone Antenna

ER-MA-05 Features:
1. Toughest Precision Antenna;
2. Strong Anti-interference Performance;
3. Tracking in Challenging Environments;
4. Advanced D-QHA Technology.

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Ultra High Accuracy Gyro Theodolite

ER-GT-02 (≤3.6″) Features:
1. Orienteering accuracy ≤3.6″ (1σ);
2. Pit interference ability is strong, integrated fuselage design, compact structure, stable performance;
3. Has the functions of low lock, automatic zero observation and etc.

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Pipe Inertial Mapping System

ER-PMINS (±3°) Features:
1. Long time high precision navigation technology (100h+);
2. High precision correction technology in mark spot;
3. Spiral trajectory error compensation technique;
4. Closed pipe “special situation” processing technology;
5. Pipeline environmental adaptability technology;
6. Accurate positioning in pipeline surveying and mapping.

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Railroad Track Inertial Survey System

ER-RTINS Features:
1. Accuracy of submillimeter measurement;
2. High precision long side railroad track smooth-going characteristic measurement;
3. Recognition and processing technology in the special situation;
4. A lot of interface choices.

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All Weather Sighting Board

ER-SB-01EL (≤0.3mm):
1. Long service life, independent luminescence, low power consumption;
2. It is a kind of surveying and mapping equipment for daytime and night.

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