FOG Inertial Navigation System

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Ericco provides high reliability and low cost FOG Inertial Navigation System (INS), Inertial Positioning System, Inertial Orientation System to the customers worldwide, the quality and after service are proven to be well guaranteed. Ericco also customize various based FOG inertial navigation/positioning/orientation system according to the customers’ special requirements. Just come and get more details with us.

Economical FOG Inertial Navigation System

ER-FINS-7660 (0.05 º) Features:
1. Build in high-precision closed-loop fiber optic gyroscope and high precision quartz accelerometer;
2. North seeking: High precision since the north found: 0.1 °independent north precision;
3. Compass function: Both Drift Free compass function.

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Low Cost FOG INS

Low Cost FOG INS

ER-FINS-70 (0.3°):
1. Heading accuracy (1σ): ≤0.3°;
2. Attitude accuracy (1σ): ≤0.03°;
3. High Performance & Low Cost.

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High Performance FOG INS

ER-FINS-98 (0.1°secψ):
1. Azimuth accuracy ≤ 0.1° secψ (1σ);
2. Attitude accuracy ≤ 0.02° (1σ);
3. Azimuth holding accuracy ≤0.05°sec lat (1σ).

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High Precision FOG INS

ER-FINS-120 (0.01°):
1. Heading accuracy (1σ): ≤0.01°;
2. Attitude accuracy (1σ): ≤0.01°;
3. Positional accuracy (1σ): 1.0nm/2h.

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