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Ericco provides high reliability and low cost GPS/BEIDOU/GLONASS Satellite Positioning/Orientation/Timing/Navigation Board to the customers worldwide, the quality and after service are proven to be well guaranteed. Just come and get more details with us.


Small Size High Precision Direction Finding Board

1. Onboard IMU, provide tilt, roll and other attitude information;
2. Direction finding accuracy is better than 0.08°(@1.0m antenna distance);
3. Full support for BEidou-3 satellite signal reception, full-frequency point direction finding of the whole constellation.

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Small Size High Precision Positioning Board

1. Support L-band, can receive “China precision” to achieve single centimeter level positioning;
2. Support super long baseline RTK and fast initialization;
3. Integrated 9-axis IMU to support onboard integrated navigation.

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Full System Multi-Frequency High-Precision Directional Board

Full System Multi-Frequency High-Precision Directional Board

ER-GB-03 Features:
1. 46x71mm compact board, interface compatible with mainstream boards;
2. Full system multi-frequency high-precision directional board;
3. Support BDS B1/B2+GPSL1/L2+GLONASS L1/L2+GALILEO E1/E5b+QZSS L1/L2;
4. Simultaneous output of positioning and orientation, data output rate above 20Hz.

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