Smallest Size Triaxial MEMS North Seeker

Smallest Size Triaxial MEMS North Seeker

ER-MNS-06 (0.25°-1°):
1. Smallest Size MEMS north seeker in the world;
2. Resistant to harsh mechanical environment;
3. Light weight, low power consumption.

Smallest Size Triaxial MEMS North Seeker

Smallest Size Triaxial MEMS North Seeker

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    Smallest Size Triaxial MEMS North Seeker

    ER-MNS-06 MEMS North Seeker is the world’s smallest triaxial MEMS north seeker, which is composed of a three-axis MEMS gyroscope and accelerometer, can measure the true north. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low power consumption, resistance to harsh mechanical environment, and is widely used in mining, tunnel construction and other fields.

    Technical Features 
    Smallest size MEMS north seeker in the world
    Triaxial MEMS gyro and accelerometer
    Light weight, low power consumption
    Resistant to harsh mechanical environment

    North seeking in logging tools/gyro tools
    Pointing, steering and guiding in advanced mining/drilling equipment
    Initial alignment in weapon/UAV launch systems
    Direction pointing and tracking in satellite antenna, target tracking system
    Guidance and navigation in navigation grade MEMS weapon system
    Orientating and positioning in railway train system
    Precision platform attitude measuring and controls
    Precision attitude, position measuring in navigation grade MEMS IMU/INS
    North finding and positioning in land surveying/land mobile mapping system
    Petroleum exploration
    Bridge, tall building, tower, dam monitoring
    Rock and soil monitoring


    Model No.ER-MNS-06AER-MNS-06BER-MNS-06C
    Power supply (V)5±0.25V
    Power (W)2
    Run-up time (s)2
    Communication interfaceRS-422
    Update Rate (Hz)200
    North seeking accuracy (°, 5min)1°secψ0.5°secψ0.25°secψ
    Size (mm×mm×mm)44.84×38.88×21.39
    Weight (g)≤60g
    Environmental conditions 
    Operating temperature (℃)+5~55℃
    Storage temperature (℃)0~65℃
    Mean Time Between Failures (h)200000h

     Wiring Definition

    Connect TypePinDefinition

    Application Techniques

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