North Seeker

Ericco provides high reliability and low cost north seeker/finder/seeking system/alignment system to the customers worldwide, the quality and after service are proven to be well guaranteed. Ericco not only provides the standard north seeking products, but also provides various north seeking solutions according to the customers' special requirements. Just come and get more details with us.

The north finder/north seeker is an inertial device that measures the true north azimuth. It is mostly used in mining, oil drilling, tunnel construction and other fields, because these industries work in harsh environments, so being able to cope with harsh environments is essential. The composition of the north finder is very similar to that of the inertial system, consisting of a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and the corresponding algorithm. You can also understand that by adding an IMU(Inertial Measurement Unit) to the north finding algorithm, we can get a north finding system, thas is the north finder.

FAQ About North Seeker/North Finder:
1. The internal structure of the north finder
2. Technical innovation of north finder in directional drilling
3. Research on mining orientation technology based on north finder
4. MEMS North Seeker for Aerospace North Finding Orientation
5. Design and analysis of north seeker based on downhole drilling orientation

High Performance Dynamic FOG North Seeker

High Performance Dynamic FOG North Seeker

ER-FNS-01 (0.02°-0.5°):
1. Dynamic direction initial alignment & keeping solution;
2. Suitable for land surveying and mapping & direction control for moving vehicles, carriers;
3. High performance FOG & Quartz accelerometer as core sensor.

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High Precision FOG North Seeker

High Precision FOG North Seeker

ER-FNS-02 (0.02°-0.1°):
1. High precision initial alignment & direction control solution;
2. FOG and quartz accelerometer as core sensors;
3. High stability and reliability.

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