Gyro North Seeker Structure

The gyro north seeker belongs to the field of inertial measurement technology or geophysical experiments and instruments, and specifically relates to a dynamic rotation modulation gyro north seeker. The purpose is to provide a gyro north seeker device using continuous rotation modulation sigma seek north. Including: pedestal, high-precision single-axis turntable system, gyroscope, accelerometer, conductive slip ring, torque motor, constant speed control circuit, power conversion/filter circuit, signal conditioning circuit, high-speed signal acquisition/processing device, high-speed north seek Solve the computer control display device; Torque motor drive high-precision single-axis rotary table system rotates relative to the base; Gyroscope, accelerometer, and constant-speed control circuit, power conversion/filter circuit, signal conditioning circuit, high speed on single-axis rotary table system Signal acquisition/processing device, high-speed north-seeking computer electrical connection. The advantage of the utility model is that under the condition that the carrier has a large attitude angle and does not need to be leveled and the latitude of the measuring point does not need to be known, a rapid and accurate north-seeking measurement is realized, and the speed of the geodesic operation is improved.

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