Ericco’s Technical Engineer Testing the Performance of MEMS North Finder

Our technical engineer is testing the performance of the built-in 3-axis gyroscope and 3 accelerometers of the MEMS North Finder ER-MNS-05.

Some key technical features of MEMS north seeker:
* High Precision MEMS Gyro as Core Sensor
* High Northing-Seeking Accuracy
* Ultra-Small Volume
* All-solid-state
* Excellent Shock and Vibration Resistance
* High Stability and Reliability

About the Applications of MEMS North Finder ER-MNS-05:
ER-MNS-05 can be widely used in control and measurement fields represented by attitude stabilization and north finding. Such as mining, oil drilling, tunnel engineering, geodetic surveying, etc.

If you are interested in ER-MNS-05, please visit us:

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