Low Power Consumption CPU

Low Power Consumption CPU

1. Master frequency: 500~800MHz;
2. Microarchitecture: Double emission out of order execution;
3. Single-core 64-bit.


Low Power Consumption CPU

Low Power Consumption CPU

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    Low Power Consumption CPU

    ER-CPU-20K is a highly integrated processor chip for industrial-control Internet applications, printing terminals, BMC and other application scenarios. Integrated 64-bit processor core, 32-bit DDR3 controller, 2D GPU, DVO display interface, 2-channel PCIE2.0, 2-channel SATA2.0, 4-channel USB2.0, 1-channel USB3. 2-channel GMAC, PCI bus, color/black&white print interface, HDA and other common interfaces. In addition, the chip implements low power technology such as ACPI, DVFS/DPM dynamic power consumption management, supports a variety of power levels and wake-up modes.It can perform dynamic clock and power switch control on some functions of the chip and high-speed interfaces according to specific application scenarios, which meets the low power application requirements in industrial control, network security and other application fields.


    CoreSingle-core 64-bit
    Master frequency500~800MHz
    Power consumption1~3W (support dynamic frequency and voltage reduction)
    High speed I/OPCIE2.0*2、SATA2.0*2、USB3.0
    MicroarchitectureDouble emission out of order execution
    Level-1 instruction cache32KB
    Level-1 data cache32KB
    Level-2 cacheShare 512KB
    Memory controller32-bit DDR2/3-1066


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