High Efficiency Cloud CPU

High Efficiency Cloud CPU

1. New instruction system;
2. High-end multiplexing;
3. High system performance.

High Efficiency Cloud CPU

High Efficiency Cloud CPU

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    High Efficiency Cloud CPU


    ER-CPU-35C is a general processor of Ericco for the server field. It integrates 16 high-performance processor cores on chip and adopts the new Arch™, based on the compatible ER-CPU-35CL motherboard design, optimizes the packaging form to maintain system and application software compatibility.

    Main Features

    New instruction system: Optimized instruction efficiency based on Arch™

    High-end multiplexing: Support up to 16 channels, 256 core interconnect architecture, overall CC-NUMA

    High system performance: Unixbench scores over 9000

    Efficient virtualization: KVM virtul machine computing efficiency is more than 95%

    High Speed interconnection: Multi-level Cache consistency protocol for efficient local and cross-chip access

    High memory bandwidth: Flexible configuration of memory channels provides ample bandwidth

    Expanded I/O support: Equipped with a new-generation bridge, greatly increasing the effective PCIE bandwidth


    Master frequency2.0GHz-2.2GHz
    Peak operation speed560GFlops@2.2GHz
    Core number16
    Processor core

    64-bit superscalar processor core;

    Support for Arch™ instruction system;

    Support 128/256-bit vector instruction;

    Four launch out of order execution;

    4 fixed point units, 2 vector units and 2 access storage units

    High-speed Cache

    Each processor core contains a 64KB private level-1 instruction cache and 64KB private level-1 data cache;

    Each processor core contains 256KB private level-2 cache;

    All processor cores share 32MB level-3 cache

    Memory controller

    4 72-bit DDR4-3200 controllers;

    Support ECC verification

    High speed I/O

    1 HyperTransport 3.0 IO interface (HT0);

    3 high speed interfaces with consistent interconnection (HT1, HT2, HT3)

    Other I/ O1 SPI, 1 UART, 3 I2C, 16 GPIO interfaces
    Power consumption management

    Support the main module clock dynamic shutdown;

    Support the main clock domain dynamic frequency conversion;

    Supports dynamic voltage regulation in the main voltage domain.

    Typical power consumption130W@2.2GHz


    Application Techniques

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