Economical Signal Processing Board

Economical Signal Processing Board

1. Storage Temperature: -55°C~+125°C;
2. Power Consumption: ≤45W;
3. Heat-dissipating Method: Cooling Conduction.

Economical Signal Processing Board

Economical Signal Processing Board

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    Economical Signal Processing Board

    Product Profile

    The ER-DSPB-3U2 board is a universal signal processing board with 2 pieces “ER-DSPC-20A” which meets the Open VPX platform standard, can provides hardware support for high-speed real-time radar tasks such as radar, sonar, instrumentation and medical electronics.

    Economical Signal Processing Board function block diagram

    Technical Indicators

    Processing Capacity:

    2 pieces HXDSP1042 computing power: 168GFLOPS

    Two HXDSP1042 can be used as two independent processing nodes,or a virtual node can be formed by HX-Link or Rapid IO, processing and storage resource sharing.

    Storage Capacity:

    DSP external DDR3 memory, total capacity: 4GBytes

    DSP chip external 128Mb SPI NOR FLASH, used for DSP Boot

    Transmission Bandwidth:

    Rapid IO switch chip (48 lanes total), where 2 sets of 4x interfaces are connected to the VPX interface, 2 sets of 4x interfaces are connected to the Rapid IO interface of 2 DSP chips, and the line rates up to 5Gbps.

    Inter-chip Interconnection:

    Two HXDSP1042s are interconnected via H-Link interface with line rates up to 5Gbps


    The board has power-on self-test, function detection temperature and monitoring function.The fault can be located on the main chip and the DSP program can be updated by Rapid IO.

    Physical Characteristics:

    Size: Standard 3U board

    Work Temperature: -40°C~+70°C

    Storage Temperature: -55°C~+125°C

    Power Consumption: ≤45W

    Heat-dissipating Method: Cooling Conduction


    Application Techniques

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