Dual Axis Position Rate Turntable

Dual Axis Position/Rate Turntable

ER-PRT-02 Features:
1. Provide higher precision position datum;
2. Can be designed according to user requirements;
3. Adopt the structure form of UT table or OO frame.

Dual Axis Position/Rate Turntable

Dual Axis Position Rate Turntable

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    Dual Axis Position/Rate Turntable


    ER-PRT-02 Dual Axis Position/Rate Turntable includes two-axis electric standard type and integrated two-axis calibration table. Among them, the electric and manual standard models are standardized and modular products of Ericco. They adopt the structure form of UT table or OO frame, which can provide higher precision position datum for the products under test.

    The standard electric turntable can also provide higher precision angular velocity and angular vibration datum, and is equipped with operating cabinets and control computers.

    With mature and reliable technology, it can be used in the measurement and calibration of gyroscope, inertial group, accelerometer and other inertial devices.

    The integrated two-axis calibration turntable adopts the design form of the platform body and electronic control integration. Single-phase 220V power supply is only needed to control the position, speed, swing and other movements through the touch screen on the turntable. The standard RS232/422 serial port is provided for remote control.

    Two-axis turntable can also be designed according to user requirements for UO frame type structure form. It can be used as a two-axis vibration table, for inertial group, seeker, pod and other dynamic reference.

    Main technical parameters

    Technical index

    Two-axis electric table

    (standard type)

    Two-axis calibration table

    (integrated OO type)

    Carrying capacity5-40kg, can be customized
    Table surface diameterStandard table size: 320mm, 450mm, can be customized
    Conductive slip ringThe standard configuration is 60 ring, and it can be customized.
    Angle rangeContinuous infinityContinuous infinity
    Maximum load weight40kg40kg
    Motion patternPosition, speed, swingPosition, speed, swing
    Position accuracy
    Positioning accuracy±3″±2″
    Control resolution0.0001°0.0001°
    Rate accuracy
    Rate range0.001~400° /s0.001~400°/s
    Speed accuracy  and stability0~1°/s2×10-3(1° average)2×10-3(1° average)
    1~10°/s2×10-4(10° average)2×10-4(10° average)
    10~360°/s2×10-5(360° average)2×10-5(360° average)
    Rate resolution0.001°/s0.001°/s
    Dynamic performance
    Angular acceleration400°/s2400°/s2
    Mechanical accuracy
    Rotation accuracy±1.5”±1.5”
    Axis perpendicularity±2”±2”
    Table runout0.02 mm0.02mm
    Electrical interface
    External electrical interfaceRS232/RS422
    User channel interface

    Navigation slot

    (Y2-37ZJ/TK,Y2-37ZK/TJ )

    Navigation slot

    (J24H-38ZJH, J24H-26ZJH )

    Other indicators
    Finalized product table surface diameter450mmLoad installation space size: 350*300*350mm
    Table surface leakage1Gs1Gs
    Table weightAbout 700kgAbout 550kg
    Dimensions of the platform body850mmx800mmx1050mm1250mmx650mmx1300mm
    Structural formUTOO
    Other options
    Table or product installation tooling can be customized
    The structural form can also be designed as UO
    Improve position accuracy, speed, acceleration to increase cost; Reduced position accuracy, speed and acceleration to reduce cost.
    Conductive slip ring can be customized

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