The Internal Structure Characteristics of the Two-axis Turntable

Dual Axis Position Rate Turntable

The two-axis turntable is widely used in industry and military. According to the use of different two-axis precision servo turntable structure form of two-dimensional turntable is different, divided into horizontal type, equatorial type. The horizontal type is divided into U-shaped structure, T-shaped structure and spherical structure. But no matter what kind of structure, their common characteristics are two orthogonal precision rotating shafting and sufficient system stiffness.

The overall layout of common two-dimensional turntables is divided into two types: T type and U type. The overall design determines the T-type structure of the turntable. The T type is under the azimuth axis, and the layout of the pitch axis on the top has the advantages of compact structure, small space occupation, suitable for multi-sensor sharing, easy sensor replacement, and suitable for other large device parts. The precision servo turntable is composed of azimuth seat and pitch seat. Azimuth base and pitch box are the support body of shafting, and its structural form and material selection will be very critical. Under the premise of meeting the requirements of structural rigidity, the reasonable structural form is selected to reduce the weight of the seat as much as possible, and the mechanical properties are improved through appropriate heat treatment process.

The ER-PRT-02 two-axis position/Rate turntable includes a two-axis motorized standard and an integrated two-axis calibration table. Among them, the electric and manual standard models are Eric's standardized and modular products. They are structured in the form of UT tables or OO frames, which can provide a higher precision position reference for the product under test.

The standard electric turntable also provides more accurate angular speed and angular vibration benchmarks, and is equipped with an operating cabinet and control computer.

The technology is mature and reliable, and can be used for the measurement and calibration of gyroscopes, inertial groups, accelerometers and other inertial devices.

The integrated two-axis calibration turntable adopts the design form of the integration of platform body and electronic control. Only single-phase 220V power supply, you can control the position, speed, swing and other actions through the touch screen on the turntable. Standard RS232/422 serial port available for remote control.

The two-axis turntable can also be designed as UO frame structure according to user requirements. It can be used as a two-axis shaking table for dynamic reference of inertia group, seeker, pod and so on.

Advantages of a two-axis turntable

1.Good movement flexibility: the two-axis turntable can be rotated and tilted in the horizontal and vertical directions, with a large range of motion and flexibility, can meet the needs of various processing and testing.

2.High accuracy: the two-axis turntable uses high-precision bearings and transmission devices, which can achieve accurate position control and motion control to ensure the accuracy and stability of processing and testing.

3.Easy to operate: the operation interface of the two-axis turntable is simple and easy to understand, and the motion control can be achieved by manual or automatic control, which is easy to operate and does not require complex professional skills.

4.Low noise: the turntable through the completion of processing operations to ensure the performance of all aspects of the turntable in the operation of the bearing rotation can achieve good positioning function, can adjust the gap according to the actual situation to ensure the processing effect. It produces minimal noise during operation and does not affect the normal operation of other work. The use of turntables requires regular maintenance to ensure life

In order to ensure that the turntable is convenient to use and maintain, the design also needs to consider the following measures:

(1) The derating design is adopted to increase the safety factor and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system.

(2) The drive motor is installed directly to reduce installation errors and ensure the reliability and accuracy of the system.

(3) Turntable limiting device and electromechanical interlocking device.

(4) Adopt sealing measures to prevent rain and dust from entering the chamber.

(5) The key structural parts are treated with a variety of processes to improve their mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

Operation precautions

1) During the start or process of the turntable, personnel must not touch or approach the mechanical watch body, and must be outside its range of activity.

2) When there is an emergency such as "flying speed" or "abnormal sound" on the turntable, you should press the emergency stop button quickly, contact the manufacturer for consultation, and then proceed to the next step.

3) Whether it is local control or remote control, do not issue the next motion command when the turntable is in the previous motion mode and has not stopped completely.

4) The software installed in the industrial computer shall not be deleted or uninstalled without authorization, so as not to affect the operation of the program, and the industrial computer motherboard is not allowed to change the slot position and increase or decrease;

5) Do not disassemble or repair components of the workbench body or cabinet without permission. Do not loosen the fastening screws of each part at will, so as not to affect the accuracy of the turntable.

Note: Please operate the turntable strictly according to the operation and precautions. The consequences caused by violation of operation requirements and precautions shall be borne by myself.

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