Development Trend of Single-axis Turntable in our Country

Single Axis Position Rate Turntable

Single-axis turntable is a complex modern equipment integrating optical and electromechanical integration. It performs semi-physical simulation and testing in the field of aviation and aerospace, and plays a key role in the development of aircraft. It can simulate various attitude Angle movements of aircraft and reproduce various dynamic characteristics during movement. The performance of the guidance system, control system and corresponding components of the aircraft is repeatedly tested to obtain sufficient test data, and the system is redesigned and improved according to the data to meet the performance index requirements of the overall design of the aircraft.

Although the development of turntable in China started later than that of foreign countries, it has also made certain achievements in these years, especially in recent years, the development of turntable has been greatly developed. After entering the 1980s, China introduced digital control into the turntable control, realized the complex control law with software, and the parameter adjustment was more convenient than the analog controller, which brought the research and development of the turntable into a new era. Since the 1990s, the development of the turntable has entered the digital and analog requirements are getting higher and higher, which puts forward higher requirements for the design and setting of the turntable.

The accuracy requirements for single-axis turntable technology are also increasing. Therefore, the main development direction of turntable technology in the future is to improve the precision and automation level, while reducing production costs. The development trend of single-axis turntable technology can be summarized as follows:

1. Simplify the turntable, reduce the versatility of the turntable, in order to improve the accuracy;

2. The use of new materials, the use of new materials characteristics, and improve the level of manufacturing technology, so as to improve the accuracy of the turntable;

3. The application of computer control, improve the level of automation, the use of computer accuracy to feedback and compensation for errors;

4. Make the turntable technology serialized, can effectively reduce the cost and personnel training cycle, shorten the research and development time.

Single-axis electric speed position turntable is a special precision equipment developed for the research test, production debugging and maintenance calibration of fiber optic gyroscope and IMU. It is mainly used for speed and position function test. It has the characteristics of stable performance, reliable operation, simple operation, convenient carrying and low purchase cost. The device can also be used for the test of other inertial components and devices. The turntable is composed of two parts: the mechanical table body and the measurement and control electrical box.

ER-PRT-01 single-axis variable speed turntable includes four types: standard type, high precision type, high speed type and portable type.

The standard type is a mass production product, using high-precision circular induction synchronizer as a feedback component, DC torque motor and PWM driver as the actuator, DSP digital control module as the control core. To provide users with a special slip ring interface, with position, speed, swing and other functions. With mature technology and high reliability, the product has been widely used in the calibration of gyroscopes, accelerometers and other inertial devices. The standard single-axis turntable can be used with an incubator to provide a high or low temperature test environment for the product under test.

High and low temperature cabinet

1) Temperature range :-60℃~ 100℃;

2) Temperature deviation :≤2℃;

3) Temperature uniformity :≤±2℃;

4) Temperature fluctuation :≤±0.5℃;

5) Linear rising and cooling speed :≤±1℃/min(linear temperature range :-55℃~ +85℃);

6) Temperature rise and fall rate ≥±3℃/min(-55℃~ +85℃, ambient temperature below 25℃)

Average across the test);

7) Cooling method: water cooling (with chiller);

Reliability Requirements:

1) The continuous working time is not less than 24h, and the interval time is 2h;

2)MTBF greater than 1500h;

3) The whole machine life is not less than 12 years, the body mechanical life is not less than 15 years.

Working Environment Requirements:

1) Ambient temperature :10℃~ 35℃;

2) Relative humidity :15% ~ 80%RH;

3) Rotary power supply :220V±22V, power :5KW;

4) Temperature box power supply :380VAC

The single-axis high-precision turntable adopts the Heidehan encoder imported from Germany as the feedback element, the DC torque motor and the imported linear power amplifier as the actuator, with high position accuracy and rate accuracy, mainly for the high-precision gyroscope and accelerometer test and calibration.

Single-axis high-speed turntable has the characteristics of ultra-high speed range and high speed accuracy. It uses AC brushless motors and AC servo drivers as actuators to provide a test benchmark in the ultra-high speed range for testing and calibration of inertial navigation products such as gyroscopes and MEMS devices.

Compared with the standard model, the portable integrated single-axis turntable integrates the control system in the mechanical body, and the user can control the turntable through the serial port or the touch screen on the body. The turntable is small in size, light in weight, easy to operate and easy to carry, and is suitable for field testing of inertial navigation products and occasions requiring fast maneuvering. The single-axis turntable can also be designed as a horizontal structure to test or calibrate the accelerometer in the range of 0 to ±1g.

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