North-Seeking MEMS IMU

North-Seeking MEMS IMU

ER-MIMU-01 (0.02 deg/hr)
1. 3 axis gyroscope & 3-axis accelerometer;
2. Size: 43.2mm×43.2 mm×35mm;
3. Gyro bias instability: 0.02 deg/hr.

North-Seeking MEMS IMU

North-Seeking MEMS IMU

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    Introduction of North-Seeking MEMS IMUApplication of North-Seeking MEMS IMUPerformance indicators of North-Seeking MEMS IMU

    North-Seeking MEMS IMU

    Inertial Measurement Unit, referred to as IMU, is a device to measure the attitude angle (or angular velocity) and acceleration of the three axis of the object. Gyroscope and accelerometer are the core devices of inertial navigation system (INS). With the built-in accelerometer sensor and gyroscope, the IMU can measure the linear acceleration and rotation angular velocity from three directions and can obtain the attitude, velocity and displacement information of the carrier through the resolving.
    ER-MIMU-01 uses MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope with high quality and reliability, RS422 and external communication, baud rate can be flexibly set between 9600~921600, through the communication protocol to set the user’s required communication baud rate. With X, Y, Z three-axis precision gyro, X, Y, Z three-axis accelerometer with high resolution, can be output by RS422 X, Y, Z three axis of gyroscope and accelerometer’s original hexadecimal complement data (including gyro hexadecimal complement the numerical temperature, angle, the accelerometer hexadecimal temperature, the acceleration hexadecimal complement number); It can also output float dimensionless values of the gyroscope and accelerometer processed by the underlying calculation.

    Application areas
    North seeking in logging tools/gyro tools
    Pointing, steering and guiding in advanced mining/drilling equipment
    Initial alignment in weapon/UAV launch systems
    Direction pointing and tracking in satellite antenna, target tracking system
    Guidance and navigation in navigation grade MEMS weapon system
    Orientating and positioning in railway train system
    Precision platform attitude measuring and controls
    Precision attitude, position measuring in navigation grade MEMS IMU/INS
    North finding and positioning in land surveying/land mobile mapping system
    Petroleum exploration
    Bridge, tall building, tower, dam monitoring
    Rock and soil monitoring


    Gyro performance
    Bandwidth (-3dB)12Hz
    Scale Factor at 25°C80000LSB/deg/s
    Scale Factor Repeatability (1σ)<50ppm
    Scale Factor VS Temperature (1σ)300ppm
    Scale Factor Non-Linearity (1σ)<200ppm
    Bias Instability0.02deg/hr
    Bias stability (10s 1σ)<0.1deg/hr
    Angular Random Walk<0.005°/ √h
    Bias error over temperature (1σ)3deg/hr
    Bias temperature variations, calibrated (1σ)<0.3deg/hr
    Bias Repeatability (1σ)<0.1deg/hr
    Accelerometer performance
    Bias Stability (1s) (1σ)<20<30ug
    Bias Repeatability100-300200-500ug
    Bias Temp Coefficient<10<20ug/℃
    Bias Temp Hysteresis<0.5<0.5mg
    Factor Scale Non-linearity<500<500ppm
    Factor Scale Repeatability<300<300ppm
    Factor Scale Temp Coefficient1010ppm/℃
    Class II Non-linearity  Coefficient<100<100ug/g2
    Factor Scale4000000-8000004000000-800000LSB/g
    System Performance
    Supply Voltage5v
    Supply Consumption1w
    Vibration6.06g (10~2000Hz)
    Shock5000g, 0.1ms
    Operate Temp-40℃~+ 80℃
    Storage Temp-55℃~+ 105℃
    Size43.2mm×43.2 mm×35mm

    Application Techniques

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