Applications of MEMS Sensors

Mems Gyro

The full name of MEMS is micro-electromechanical system, which uses traditional semiconductor technology and materials to integrate micro-sensors, micro-actuators, micro-mechanical mechanisms, signal processing and control circuits, high-performance electronic integrated devices, interfaces, communications and power supplies. device or system. It has the characteristics of small size, low cost and integration.

1. Wearable device application

Taking the Xiaomi Mi Band as an example, MEMS acceleration and heart rate sensors are used to monitor exercise and heart rate. In addition to the MEMS accelerometer, gyroscope, MEMS microphone, and pulse sensor inside the Apple Watch.

2. VR application

VR equipment needs to accurately measure the speed, angle and distance of head rotation. Using MEMS accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers to measure is one of the important solutions, and it has almost become the standard configuration of VR equipment.

3. UAV application

In terms of UAV flight attitude control technology, MEMS sensors have room to display. Combining the accelerometer and gyroscope, the angle change can be calculated and the position and flight attitude can be determined. MEMS sensors can work in a variety of harsh conditions, while obtaining high-precision output. The application of MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes on drones can be said to shine. However, several challenges complicate UAV system design, such as motors that are not perfectly calibrated, system dynamics that may vary depending on payload, sudden changes in operating conditions, or errors in sensors. These challenges can lead to biased positioning processing and, ultimately, positional biases during navigation and even failure of the drone. High-quality MEMS sensors and advanced software are essential for industrial drones to go beyond toys. ERICCO has always been committed to the research of high-quality and high-precision MEMS sensors, ERICCO believes product always wins with performance. ER-MG2-300/400 gyroscopes are often used for drone navigation and are well received.

4. Autonomous driving applications

The rise of autonomous driving technology has further propelled MEMS sensors into cars. Although the GPS receiver can calculate its own position and speed, in places with poor GPS signal (underground garages, tunnels) and when the signal is interfered, the car’s navigation will be affected, which is a fatal flaw for autonomous driving. Using MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers to obtain speed and position (angular velocity and angular position), any subtle movements and tilt attitudes of the vehicle are converted into digital signals and transmitted to the on-board computer through the bus. Even at the fastest vehicle speeds, the precision and response speed of MEMS can adapt. Thanks to the development of silicon micromachining, wafer bonding and other technologies, the accuracy of ERICCO’s ER-MG2-100 gyroscope has reached 0.02°/h, and the ER-MG2-100 even performs better in the test data feedback from customers. If you want to know more product information, please visit to https://www.ericcointernational .com/.


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