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Microelectro mechanical Systems (MEMS) is an engineering technology developed by combining microelectronics technology with precision mechanical technology. It is mainly divided into three categories: sensors, actuators, and three-dimensional structural devices. Similar to MEMS, NEMS(Nanoelectro mechanical systems, nanoelectro mechanical systems) is a micro-nano system technology focusing on the nanoscale field, but the size is smaller.

MEMS/NEMS is an interdisciplinary field involving mechanics, semiconductors, electronics, physics, biology, and materials. Representative devices include accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetic sensors, micro-microphones, and pressure gauges. MEMS technology mainly includes silicon-based processing technology, polymer material micro-nano processing technology, metal micro-nano processing technology, etc. Silicon-based technology is mainly a standard CMOS integrated circuit processing technology, including surface micro machining, deep etching, and bulk micro machining.

MEMS Sensor

Compared with traditional mechanical sensors and actuators, MEMS has the competitive advantages of miniaturization, low weight, low power consumption, low cost, and multi-functionality. Widely used in automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, medical, aerospace, communications and other fields

MEMS sensors are moving towards sensor fusion, and system integration increases added value

1. Multiple sensor fusion is the development trend

MEMS face the challenges of diversification, miniaturization and intelligence of electronic equipment applications, increasing functional density and improving precision.

Degrees have become an important driver of MEMS. The traditional challenge for MEMS has been to shrink device size or power consumption, but size reduction alone is no longer the only driver of sensors.

The challenges that MEMS encounter in consumer electronics come from technology and markets. The technical challenges of MEMS in consumer electronics include sensor performance/accuracy, invisible sensors/small size devices, and market challenges are that sensors can provide solutions for personal/customizable objects and can bring perceived value to consumer electronics products .

At the same time, with the increase in the proportion of multi-functional sensors and the increase in the integration of sensor systems, the downward trend of the average price of MEMS sensors is expected to slow down. In the context of sensor fusion, the data of various sensors needs to be calibrated and processed, and then the data is interpreted through algorithm models, such as the combination of motion monitoring data and indoor navigation data to achieve situational awareness of the user's activity status and geographic location. The application value of sensors has been improved with the development of software and hardware synergy.

ERICCO Inertial System is the world's leading supplier of MEMS sensors, accelerometers, and north finders. Products are sold to more than 50 countries around the world. ERICCO has been deeply involved in the MEMS field for more than 10 years. Today is the development period when MEMS sensors penetrate into the field of automotive electronics. ERICCO's products developed during this period include accelerometers, angular velocity sensors, pressure sensors, mass flow sensors, etc.

ERICCO's strategy for developing MEMS sensors is the integration of diverse sensor functions. Taking inertial sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes) as an example, ERICCO will combine three-axis accelerometers and three-axis gyroscopes to form six-axis inertial sensing unit products through packaging, such as north finder and inertial navigation system.

ERICCO has strong system integration capabilities in the field of MEMS sensors. In terms of inertial sensor combination, ERICCO has the system integration capability of six-axis, microcontroller, and sensor data fusion software. With the expansion of MEMS application fields, a wide range of sensing technology reserves and sensor application backgrounds have become necessary in the new electronic consumer field. ERICCO has strong strength in MEMS sensor technology, sensor software and hardware collaboration capabilities, and solution integration capabilities, so that it can meet customer needs at different levels and in different application fields.

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