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Low Cost MEMS Gyro

Low Cost MEMS Gyro

ER-MG-057 (1°/h)
1. 1°/hr bias in-run stability;
2. 0.2°/√hr Angular Random Walk;
3. Run to Run Repeatability 4deg/hr.

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Plane Mobile Garage

Plane Mobile Garage

ER-IIS-B Features:
1. Unique vehicle length center positioning mode to realize the compatible model;
2. High degree of automation, quick processing, continuous warehousing, high parking efficiency;
3. Multiplayer access to vehicles simultaneously;
4. Can realize from 100 to thousands of large capacity parking;
5. Unique vibration and noise reduction design, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection;
6. The entrance setting is flexible, convenient and easy to access;
7. Accurate positioning, horizontal layer technology;
8. It adopts Ming and magnetic drive technology, and the access speed is fast and efficien;
9. It is easy to operate, can be centrally managed, and can be operated by customers themselves.

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Robot Joint Reducer Selection Table

Robot Joint Reducer Selection Table

ER-RJR-E/N Series Features:
1. New transmission;
2. Overcomes the drawback of stylus pendulum drive;
3. Small volume, light weight, large range of transmission ratio;
4. Long service life, stable precision, high efficiency, smooth transmission.

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Voltage Type Triaxial Accelerometer Sensor

Voltage & Frequency Stabilizer/AC Power Supply

ER-PS-50W Series Features:
1. High reliability and availability;
2. Galvanically isolated, low harmonic distortion;
3. Isolated output transformer, suit for any unbalance loads;
4. Every single phase can be used independently;
5. Thoroughly proven advanced SPWM and IGBT technology;
6. Pure sine wave, sinusoidal output;
7. Better overload capacity.

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