3-Axis North-Seeking MEMS Gyro

2-Axis North-Seeking MEMS Gyro

ER-2MG-01 (<0.02º/h)
1. Small Volume;
2. Bias Instability: <0.02º/h;
3. Light Weight.

2-Axis North-Seeking MEMS Gyro

3-Axis North-Seeking MEMS Gyro

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    ER-2MG-01 2-Axis North-Seeking MEMS Gyro

    The ER-2MG-01 2-Axis North-Seeking MEMS Gyro has small volume, light weight, simple structure and good reliability. The biggest function of the two-axis gyroscope is to “measure the angular velocity to judge the motion state of the object, so it is also called a motion sensor”. In other words, this thing can let our equipment know where we are and where we are going.

    Construction machinery dip angle measurement, angle control, pylon operation monitoring, medical equipment angle control, satellite antenna star search, bridge, tall building, tower, dam monitoring and rock and soil monitoring, mining, attitude/heading reference system, integrated inertial navigation.


    Parameter ER-2MG-01 Unit
    Range 100 deg/s
    Bandwidth (-3dB) 12 Hz
    Scale Factor at 25°C 80000 lsb/deg/s
    Scale Factor Repeatability (1σ) <50 ppm
    Scale Factor VS Temperature (1σ) 300 ppm
    Scale Factor Non-Linearity (1σ) <200 ppm
    Bias Instability <0.02 deg/hr
    Bias stability (10s 1σ) <0.1 deg/hr
    Angular Random Walk <0.005 °/√h
    Bias error over temperature (1σ) 3 deg/Hr
    Bias temperature variations, calibrated (1σ) <0.3 deg/Hr
    Bias Run-Run (1σ) <0.1 deg/hr
    Size 43.2mm*43.2mm*35.5mm (without shell)

    65mm*70mm*45.5mm (with shell)

    Weight ≤100g (without shell)

    ≤220g (with shell)

    Application Techniques

    1.Error Generation Mechanism of MEMS Gyroscope Under High Acceleration Condition

    2.Bandwidth test method of MEMS gyroscope

    3.Packaging of MEMS gyroscope: Structural Analysis of Deep Hole Packaging

    4.Research on scale factor nonlinearity of MEMS gyroscope

    5.Analysis of drive loop noise of MEMS gyroscope

    6.Bias Temperature Compensation Analysis of MEMS Gyroscope

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