MEMS Triaxial North Seeker for Mining

1. Angular rate and acceleration measurement function;
2. Self-alignment function;
3. Attitude tracking function.

MEMS Triaxial North Seeker for Mining

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    ER-MNS-09 MEMS Triaxial North Seeker for Mining

    Based on three-axis integrated MEMS gyro and three-axis accelerometer, ER-MNS-09 north finder can complete the initial alignment, attitude holding functions, and real-time output of carrier attitude reference values.

    Angular rate and acceleration measurement function;
    Self-alignment function;
    Attitude tracking function;
    RS-422 serial communication.

    North seeking in logging tools/gyro tools;
    Pointing, steering and steering of advanced mining/drilling equipment;
    Initial alignment of weapon/drone launch system;
    Satellite antenna direction indication and target tracking system;
    Guidance and navigation of navigation-level MEMS weapon systems;
    Orientating and positioning in railway train system;
    Precision platform attitude measurement and control;
    Navigation-grade MEMS INS high-precision attitude and position measurement;
    North seeking positioning in land surveying/land mobile surveying and mapping systems.

    The coordinate axis definition of ER-MNS-09 north seeker is shown in Figure 1.
    The positive direction of the X-axis is along the direction of the system connector. When the system is installed through the four mounting flanges on the bottom, the Z-axis defines the upward direction. X, Y, and Z form a Cartesian orthogonal coordinate system.
    The system output pitch angle/inclination angle indicates: the angle between the positive direction of the Y-axis and the horizontal plane, upward is positive.


    Model No. ER-MNS-09
    North seeking time 5min
    Continuous working time ≥60min
    Output update rate 200Hz
    Weight ≤150g
    Size 120mm x Φ30mm
    Communication Interface RS422 serial port
    Operating temperature +5℃~+55℃
    Storage temperature -40℃~+80℃
    North seeking method static base
    Azimuth holding time 20min
    Azimuth measurement range 0°~360°
    Inclination angle measurement range -90°~90°
    System alignment accuracy
    Pitch/roll angle (1σ) ≤0.2°
    Course Angle (1σ) ≤0.5°
    Attitude maintenance accuracy
    Pitch/roll angle (20min) ≤0.2°
    Heading angle (20min) ≤0.5°
    Power requirements
    Voltage 6~12V


    Dimensional Drawing Of North Seeking Mems North seeker For Gyro Tools

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