What is the North Seeker?

By measuring the earth’s rotation angular velocity, the true north direction value of the attached carrier is determined independently, and it is not affected by external magnetic fields or other environments. In addition, it can also measure and correct the horizontal angle in combination with acceleration.

The main applications of gyro north seeker: radar, antenna, military vehicle, initial alignment and direction control.

The performance indicators of the gyro north seeker: north fix accuracy, north fix time, output form, ambient temperature and maintainability.

Dynamic Gyro Northseeker is a gyroscope that uses the strapdown compass effect to solve true north direction. The dynamic gyro north seeker is composed of a three-axis dynamic gyro, a three-axis plus meter, a data acquisition and processing module, a secondary power supply, an optocoupler isolated input and output serial port circuit, and other related structural components. After power-on, the product enters the warm-up time. After the warm-up time is over, the product switches to the initial self-alignment under the condition of the moving base. After the product is powered on for 30 minutes, the hull carrying the product can sail at sea. When sailing, the product will output the heading angle, roll angle, and pitch angle in a timely manner. For land and air applications, products can also be customized.

The dynamic gyro north seeker is mainly used in the navigation industry. The dynamic gyro north seeker will output the heading angle, roll angle and pitch angle at the appropriate time during navigation.

Performance indicators of dynamic gyro northseeker: measurement accuracy, measurement range, preparation time, external input signal and error, etc.

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