The advantages of fiber optic gyroscope

Fiber optic gyroscope is a all solid optical gyroscope, its main advantages are as following:

The advantages of fiber optic gyroscope.JPG

1. without moving parts, the device is stable, impact resistance and it is insensitive to carrier acceleration.

2. Simple structure, less parts, price of medium.

3. The start time is short (in principle can be started instantaneously).

4. High sensitivity and high resolution (up to 10rad/s).

5. It can be directly connected with the computer by digital output.

6. The wide dynamic range (around 2000°/s).

7. The long service life, stable and reliable signal.

8. It is easy to adopt integrated optics technology.

9. To overcome the negative effects brought by thelaser gyro locking phenomenon.

10.It can be combined with a ring laser gyro to form a strapless inertial system.

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