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Ericco provides high quality and low cost Gyro Theodolite to the customers worldwide, the quality and after service are proven to be well guaranteed. Ericco also customizes various Gyro Theodolite according to the customers’ special requirements. Just come and get more details with us.


Ultra High Accuracy Gyro Theodolite

ER-GT-02 (≤3.6″) Features:
1. Orienteering accuracy ≤3.6″ (1σ);
2. Pit interference ability is strong, integrated fuselage design, compact structure, stable performance;
3. Has the functions of low lock, automatic zero observation and etc.

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All Weather Sighting Board

ER-SB-01EL (≤0.3mm):
1. Long service life, independent luminescence, low power consumption;
2. It is a kind of surveying and mapping equipment for daytime and night.

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Precision Alignment Instrument

ER-JDY-01 (3.5″) Features:
1. Can be used in conjunction with a total station, all three claw type structure of the theodolite, vane, prism;
2. Meet the needs of measurement precision engineering surveying and mapping unit technical specification.

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