Inertial measurement unit

Inertial measurement unit is to measure the three-axis attitude (or angular velocity) and acceleration of the device. In order to improve reliability, it is also possible to equip more sensors for each axis. In generalIMU to be installed on the measured object center of gravity.


IMUs are mostly used on devices that require motion control, such as cars and robots. It is also used in situations where precise displacement estimation is required, such as inertial navigation equipment such as submarines, aircraft, missiles and spacecraft.

Inertial measurement device IMU belongs to the strapdown inertial navigation system, the system has two acceleration sensors and three speed sensor (gyro), the accelerometer used to feel the aircraft relative to the vertical acceleration component, the speed sensor is used to feel the aircraft angle information, the sub-components are mainly two A / D converter AD7716BS and 64K of E / EPROM memory X25650 form, A / D converter using IMU analog sensor variables, converted to digital information after the CPU after the final calculation of the output aircraft pitch angle, tilt angle and side slip angle, E / EPROM memory is mainly stored in the linear curve of the IMU sensors and IMU sensor part number and serial number, parts just boot, the image processing unit to read E / EPROM The linear curve parameters provide initial information for subsequent angle calculations.

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