What is the technology development trend of MEMS IMU

At present, the technical development trend of IMU based on MEMS processing technology is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

1. Towards a highly integrated direction. In the field of civil applications, surface technology is used to realize the integration of functional parts and components such as multi-axis gyroscopes, acceleration sensors, and digital processing circuits on a single chip.

2. Moving towards high performance. Further improve the performance of sensors and acceleration sensors, optimize the overall structural form, and improve the performance and environmental adaptability of inertial measurement devices.

3. Toward the direction of combination. In view of the fact that the current MEMS-based IMU is still at low and medium accuracy, and its navigation and positioning errors increase with time. Therefore, the IMU is usually combined with other navigation and positioning systems that do not accumulate positioning errors over time, such as GPS, Doppler radar, terrain matching, and other technologies to achieve integrated navigation, which is also an important future development trend.

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