What Is The Principle Of The IMU?

The inertial measurement unit is composed of three accelerometers and three gyroscopes. The three accelerometers and gyroscopes are designed to measure the orientation of the three axes. These accelerometers and gyroscopes are input along the three axes of space, namely the three perpendicular directions.Through such distribution in the design, it can make arbitrary linear motion or angular motion of the motion carrier in space. However, since the gyroscope measures the change of position in relative space, the carrier to be measured needs the reference object of the system, so coordinate transformation is needed to obtain the data to be measured.Application of INERTIAL measurement Units (IMU) Inertial measurement Units (IMU) are mainly used in devices that require post-motion object orientation and attitude control, such as automobiles and robots.At present, although it is more used in such equipment as aircraft, with the development and progress of technology, more industrial equipment also began to use it for azimuth measurement.It is worth mentioning that this technology has also begun to be experimentally applied to agricultural operations, because the operation of machinery in agricultural operations is prone to accidents, the use of inertial measurement units for real-time detection equipment, can greatly reduce the possibility of accidents, so its scope of application is also increasing.

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