What are the disadvantages and remedies of IMU?

The main disadvantage of using IMU navigation is that they usually accumulate errors, including Abbe errors. Because the guidance system will continue to add the position results calculated by the detection to the original position information (see trajectory calculation), although the errors in the measurement are small, these errors continue from one position to another. Accumulation leads to “drift”, or the difference between the system’s perceived location and the actual location becomes larger and larger. Location tracking systems (such as the Global Positioning System (GPS)) can be used to continuously correct offset errors.

Because the device can only collect data in a limited time interval, IMU always uses average values in its work. If an accelerometer can retrieve acceleration at a frequency of once per second, the device will assume that the acceleration is always a value in this second, although the acceleration may vary greatly during this period. Due to integration, the constant error will increase at a quadratic linear rate in the acceleration result.

Through the inertial measurement unit, we can obtain the posture and angular velocity of the object in three-dimensional space. Using other equipment combined with IMU (such as Global Positioning System GPS), we can also extend the application of IMU to more fields. I believe that with the development of technology, inertial measurement units can be better used in our lives in the future.

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