High Precision MEMS Gyro

High Precision MEMS Gyroscope

ER-MG-068 (<0.3°/h)
1. <0.3°/hr bias instability;
2. <0.125°/√hr angular random walk;
3. Small size: 11 x 11 x 2mm.

High Precision MEMS Gyroscope

High Precision MEMS Gyro

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    High Precision MEMS Gyro

    The ER-MG-068 High Precision MEMS Gyroscope (Alternative of Gyro3300) is a single-axis MEMS angular rate sensor, which is capable of measuring angular velocity up to a maximum of ±400°/s and with digital output compliant to SPI slave mode 3 protocol. Angular rate data is presented as a 24-bit word.
    The ER-MG-068 is intended for industrial, instrumentation, stabilization and other high performance applications. An advanced, differential sensor design resists the impact of linear acceleration, so that ER-MG-068 can operate in extremely harsh environments in the presence of impact and vibration.
    The ER-MG-068 is available in a hermetically sealed ceramic LCC surface mount package and it is capable of operating at 5V supply and a wide temperature range (−40°C to +85°C).

    Proven and robust silicon MEMS gyro
    Up to ±400°/s measurement range
    0.3°/hr bias instability
    0.125°/√hr angular random walk
    Digital output (SPI slave)
    5V operation (4.75 ~ 5.25V supply)
    Low power consumption (35 mA)
    High shock and vibration rejection
    Hermetically sealed ceramic LCC surface mount package (11 x 11 x 2mm)
    Integrated temperature sensor
    RoHS compliant

    Azimuth, attitude, position measuring and keeping in GNSS-assisted INS
    Heading, pitch,roll measuring in AHRS for UAV
    Motion survey and keeping in MRU
    Attitude & azimuth keeping, positioning in IMU
    Guidance, navigation, control in tactical MEMS weapon system
    Stabilizing & Pointing in satellite antenna,target tracking system
    Robotic Control & Orientation in Autonomous machines, Unmanned vehicles


    Parameters ER-MG-068 Unit
    Range 400 deg/s
    Resolution 24 bits
    Data rate 12K Hz
    Group delay <1 ms
    Bandwidth (-3dB) 300 Hz
    Scale factor at 25°C 20000 lsb/deg/s
    Scale factor repeatability (1σ) <100 ppm
    Scale factor vs temperature (1σ) 500 ppm
    Scale factor non-linearity (1σ) <300 ppm
    Bias instability <0.3 deg/hr
    Bias stability(1σ 10s) <2 deg/hr
    Bias stability(1σ 1s) <6 deg/hr
    Angular random walk <0.125 °/√h
    Bias error over temperature (1σ) 50 deg/hr
    Bias temperature variations, calibrated(1σ) <10 deg/hr
    Bias repeatability (1σ) <1 deg/hr
    Noise peak to peak ±0.15 deg/s
    G-sensitivity <1 °/hr/g
    Vibration rectification error <1 °/hr/g (rms)
    Startup time 1 s
    Sensor resonant frequency 11K~13K
    Environment, Power and Physical
    Shock (operating) 500g, 1ms, half sine wave
    Shock (survival) 10000g, 1.0ms, half sine wave
    Vibration (operating) 12grms, 20Hz to 2KHz random vibration
    Operating temperature -40°C~85°C
    Max storage (survival) temperature -55°C~125°C
    Supply voltage 5±0.25V
    Current consumption 40mA

    Application Techniques

    1.MEMS Gyroscope: Error Compensation By Allan Variance Method

    2.Impact resistance technology of MEMS gyroscope

    3.Bias Temperature Compensation Analysis of MEMS Gyroscope

    4.Analysis of drive loop noise of MEMS gyroscope

    5.Integrated method of three-axis MEMS gyroscope

    6.MEMS Gyroscope: Sensitive Structure | Detection Circuit | Integrated Package

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