High Performance FOG Gyroscope

High Performance FOG Gyroscope

ER-FOG-120H (0.002~0.007º/h)
1. Bias stability: 0.002~0.007º/h;
2. Dimension: Φ120mm×39mm.

High Performance FOG Gyroscope

High Performance FOG Gyroscope

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    High Performance & Ultr-High Precision FOG Gyroscope (Φ120mm)

    ER-FOG-120H Ultr-High Precision FOG Gyroscope is a very important angular rate sensor, which has the characteristics of long life, fast start up, high precision and lower power consumption. The FOG gyroscope has no moving parts and doesn’t rely on inertial resistance to movement compared with other classic spinning-mass gyroscopes or mechanical gyroscopes. Hence, the FOG is an excellent alternative to a mechanical gyroscope which plays an important role in precise north-seeking device, vehicle positioning orientation and high precision inertial navigation system (INS).


    Precise north-seeking

    High precision inertial navigation system

    Vehicle positioning orientation


    Measuring rangeº/s-500~500-500~500-500~500-500~500
    Bias stabilityº/h≤ 0.002≤ 0.003≤ 0.005≤ 0.007
    Bias repeatabilityº/h≤0.001≤ 0.002≤0.003≤0.005
    Random walk coefficientº/√h≤0.0003≤0.0005≤0.0008≤0.0009
    Scale factor non-linearityppm≤ 2≤5≤ 10≤ 20
    Scale factor repeatabilityppm≤ 2≤ 5≤10≤ 20
    Scale factor asymmetryppm≤ 2≤5≤ 10≤ 20
    Start times≤ 1≤ 1≤ 1≤ 1
    Power supplyV-5~+5-5~+5-5~+5-5~+5
    PowerW≤ 18≤ 18≤ 18≤ 18
    Operating temperature-40~+65-40~+65-40~+65-40~+65
    Storage temperature-45~+85-45~+85-45~+85-45~+85
    Vibration/2g (RMS), 20Hz~2000Hz
    Shock/40g, 1ms40g, 1ms40g, 1ms40g, 1ms
    Output method/RS-422RS-422RS-422RS-422

    Note: Unfilled dimensional tolerances are performed in accordance with GB/T 1804-2000 Class C.


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