Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG)

Ericco provides high performance and low cost Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG) to measure angular rate for customers worldwide. The quality and after service are proven to be well guaranteed. Ericco not only provides the standard FOG solid gyroscopes, but also customizes fiber optic gyroscopes according to the customers' special requirements. Just come and get more details with us.
Fiber optic gyroscopes (FOG) have many important applications in navigation and positioning systems, angular rate sensors, stabilization devices, and more recently, navigation backup systems for autonomous vehicles in GPS-inaccessible areas.
Ericco’s FOG program has received multiple patents. Our Fiber Optic and MEMS Gyroscopes, are setting the new benchmark for accurate and economical guidance, navigation and control in a wide variety of applications.

Advantage of Ericco Fiber Optic Gyroscope:
1. Small size
2. Light weight
3. All solid state
4. No rotating parts and friction parts
5. Long life

FAQ About FOG GNSS/INS Fiber Optic Gyro:
The Working Principle of FOG
The Advantages and Disadvantages of FOG
Technical Limitations Of FOG?
What causes the FOG measurement error?

High Precision FOG

High Precision FOG

ER-FOG-115HC (0.003°/h)
1. High-precision military grade FOG;
2. Special designed substitute of ring laser gyro;
3. Bias stability of (1σ): 0.003°/h.

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Single FOG

Single FOG

ER-FOG-82MC (0.05°/h):
1. High-precision military grade FOG;
2. Special designed substitute for Ring Laser Gyro;
3. Bias stability of (1σ): 0.05°/h.

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