Questions of FOG North Seeking Gyro and Continuous North Seeking Gyro

About continuous north seeking gyro and FOG north seeking gyro, some questions and solutions for customers

1. Is the memory based function completed?

It was done and one of our customers who are China National Petroleum Corporation had bought one set.

2. How do you control depth and how do you synchronize depth to the downhole measurement.

Its measurement controlled by time, depth provided by the external.

3. Is the depth interval pre-set in the handheld unit? Or is the depth synchronized with the winch?

It can be done by each of them, as below:

a) Manual record depth on the time of measurement point;

b) By the winch to extract depth on the encoder through the computer, and record the corresponding time with the depth, after the completion of the measurement, thought the time to know the measuring point data and depth;

c) Use our Mini depth counter measure depth.

4. Is the NI-Cad battery implemented?

It is ok to use NI-Cad battery, if used, only we need to modify our battery cartridge, it is not a question.

5. How long time does it take to do North seeking? 

It is Less than 100 seconds.

6. Is it possible to have one demo. unit sent over to our company for testing?

If needed, we can arrange.

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