Single Frequency High Precision Direction Finding And Positioning Board

1. Support RTK positioning;
2. SUPPORT BDS B1, GPS L1, GLONASS G1, Galileo E1;
3. Support "Chinese precision", single machine to achieve decimeter level positioning.

Single Frequency High Precision Direction Finding And Positioning Board


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    Single Frequency High Precision Direction Finding And Positioning Board

    It is a cost-effective single-frequency GNSS direction finding and positioning card. It adopts dual antenna port design, supports BDS B1, GPS L1, GLONASS G1, Galileo E1 signal reception, onboard high-precision gyroscope and tilt sensor can output heading, pitch and roll data. In addition, the product also supports DGNSS, RTK positioning and “China Precision”. A single machine can achieve decimeter-level positioning accuracy, which can meet the positioning requirements of different accuracy.


    Support  BDS B1, GPS L1, GLONASS G1, Galileo E1
    Support RTK positioning
    Support “Chinese precision”, single machine to achieve decimeter level positioning
    Fast RTK convergence and recapture time, excellent carrier smoothing performance
    0.3m available relief precision, strong multipath effects and interference suppression technology
    The unique onboard high precision gyro provides continuous course accuracy of <1° in 3 minutes when GNSS satellite loses lock
    Tilt sensor can provide both pitch and roll data


    GNSS  Performance Index
    Receiving satellite signals BDS B1, GPS L1, GLONASS G1, Galileo E1, L-Band
    Pass Number 424
    SBAS Tracking 2 channels, parallel tracing
    Data updating rate 10Hz Standard,50Hz
    Positioning accuracy horizontal(RMS) elevation(RMS)
    RTK 10mm+1ppm 20mm+2ppm
    SBAS 0.3m 0.6m
    single-point 1.2m 2.5m
    China precision 0.25m /
    Direction finding precision 0.30°(rms,@ 0.5 m the antenna spacing)
    0.15°(rms,@ 1.0 m the antenna spacing)
    0.08°(rms,@ 2.0 m the antenna spacing)
    0.04°(rms,@ 5.0 m the antenna spacing)
    Pitch accuracy 0.3°(rms,@ 1.0 m The antenna spacing)
    Roll accuracy 1°(rms)
    Fluctuation accuracy 30cm(DGPS), 5cm(RTK)
    Timing accuracy(1PPS) 20ns
    Cold start 60s(typical value)
    Warm start 5s(typical value)
    Heading to lock 10s(typical value)
    L-Band performance
    Pass Number unipath
     Frequency range 1525 to 1560MHz
    Communication indicators
    Data interface serial port:4pcs Full duplex serial port(3.3V CMOS),3pcs main serial ports,1pc beacon special differential serial port,
    USB:1pc USB Device,1pc USB Host
    Baud rate 4800 – 460800 bps
    Difference scheme RTCM SC-104, RTCM v2(DGPS), RTCM3.0, RTCM3 v3(RTK), CMR, CMR+
    Data format NMEA0183, Crescent binary
    Timing output 1PPS, COMS, Active-high ,Rising edge synchronization, 10kΩ, 10pF load
    Event ID input COMS, Active-low,Falling edge synchronization,, 10kΩ, 10pF load
    Electrical Specifications
    Working voltage 3.3VDC ±5%
    Power consumption <2.1W rated (double frequency GPS+ GLONASS )
    Working current <0.63A Rated (double frequency GPS+ GLONASS )
    Antenna power supply 15VDC max
    Environmental index
    Working Temperature -40°C~+85°C
    Storage Temperature -40°C~+85°C
    Mechanical indicators
    Size 10.9L x 7.1W x 5H(cm)
    Weight 50g
    Power/data connector 34pin, 1.27mm spacing
    Antenna connector MCX  female head, straight
    Accessory equipment
    Gyroscope It provides heading smoothing and fast directional recapture. When GNSS signals are lost, it provides an auxiliary heading of up to 3 minutes with an accuracy better than 1°/min
    Tilt angle sensor Provide tilt and roll data to assist fast directional and directional recapture


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