Low Power High-performance GNSS Positioning Chip

Low Power High-performance GNSS Positioning Chip

1. Ultra-low power consumption;
2. Built-in anti-interference module;
3. High integration, simple peripheral devices, save cost.

Low Power High-performance GNSS Positioning Chip

Low Power High-performance GNSS Positioning Chip

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    Low Power High-performance GNSS Positioning Chip

    The ER-GNSS-C01/02 adopts a 28nm process and a smart PMU design that combines ultra-low power consumption and extreme miniaturization to significantly improve the battery life of user devices.

    The ER-GNSS-C01/02 is designed for global applications and supports BDS, GPS, GLONALSS, and Galileo for joint positioning of multiple systems. High integration design saves peripherals and on-board area. The ER-GNSS-C01 is a QFN40 package, and the ER-GNSS-C02 is a WLCSP package. Downstream traditional application areas of the BDS, GLONALSS, Galileo, GPS chipset  currently mainly include surveying and mapping, deformation monitoring, precision agriculture, etc., while emerging application areas mainly include automotive autonomous driving, drones, outdoor robots, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

    Key Features

    GPS Chipset

    Ultra-low power consumption

    Support BDS, GPS, GLONALSS, Galileo IV system, BDS and GLONASS cannot run at the same time

    Built-in anti-interference module

    High integration, simple peripheral devices, save cost

    Extremely compact, compatible with mainstream packages


    Performance Index
    Encapsulation QFN 5×5mm WLCSP 1.73×2.87mm
    Single point positioning 2.0m CEP 2.0m CEP
    D-GNSS <1m CEP <1m CEP
    Time to first fix(TTFF) Cold start<29s Cold start<29s
    AGNSS<4s AGNSS<4s
    Warm start<1s Warm start<1s
    Recapture<1s Recapture<1s
    Velocity measurement accuracy 0.1m/s
    Sensitivity GGPS BDS GLONASS
    Capture 147dBm -146dBm -140dBm
    Tracking 160dBm -159dBm -158dBm
    Warm start 151dBm -150dBm -151dBm
    Recapture 158dBm -157dBm -156dBm
    Other functions
    UniAssist GNSS online assistance
    Anti-interference Built-in, active interference signal detection and removal
    LNA Built-in
    DC-DC Built-in, optional
    GNSS clock input supports TCXO
    RTC input 32.768kHz
    Firmware upgrade QFN: Support for built-in ROM or flash version firmware
    WLCSP: AP UART loads the Firmware
    Electrical Specifications
    Power supply 3.0V~3.6V DC
    QFN 1.7V~3.6V(use DC-DC)
    1.2V~1.98V(bypass DC-DC)
    WLCSP 1.2V~1.98V
    Data update rate 1Hz
    Data format NMEA 0183 Unicore
    Physical indicators
    Dimension QFN  5×5×0.85mm
    WLCSP 1.70×2.84×0.5mm
    Operating Temperature -40℃~+85℃
    Storage Temperature -50℃~+125℃
    Humidity sensitivity <SML3

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