Low Power High-performance GNSS Positioning Chip

Low Power High-performance GNSS Positioning Chip

1. Ultra-low power consumption;
2. Built-in anti-interference module;
3. High integration, simple peripheral devices, save cost.

Low Power High-performance GNSS Positioning Chip

Low Power High-performance GNSS Positioning Chip

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    Low Power High-performance GNSS Positioning Chip

    The ER-GNSS-C01/02 adopts a 28nm process and a smart PMU design that combines ultra-low power consumption and extreme miniaturization to significantly improve the battery life of user devices.

    The ER-GNSS-C01/02 is designed for global applications and supports BDS, GPS, GLONALSS, and Galileo for joint positioning of multiple systems. High integration design saves peripherals and on-board area. The ER-GNSS-C01 is a QFN40 package, and the ER-GNSS-C02 is a WLCSP package.

    Key Features

    Ultra-low power consumption

    Support BDS, GPS, GLONALSS, Galileo IV system, BDS and GLONASS cannot run at the same time

    Built-in anti-interference module

    High integration, simple peripheral devices, save cost

    Extremely compact, compatible with mainstream packages


    Performance Index
    EncapsulationQFN 5×5mmWLCSP 1.73×2.87mm
    Single point positioning2.0m CEP2.0m CEP
    D-GNSS<1m CEP<1m CEP
    First time to fix(TTFF)Cold start<29sCold start<29s
    Warm start<1sWarm start<1s
    Velocity measurement accuracy0.1m/s
    Warm start151dBm-150dBm-151dBm
    Other functions
    UniAssistGNSS online assistance
    Anti-interferenceBuilt-in, active interference signal detection and removal
    DC-DCBuilt-in, optional
    GNSS clock inputsupports TCXO
    RTC input32.768kHz
    Firmware upgradeQFN: Support for built-in ROM or flash version firmware
    WLCSP: AP UART loads the Firmware
    Electrical Specifications
    Power supply3.0V~3.6V DC
    QFN1.7V~3.6V(use DC-DC)
    1.2V~1.98V(bypass DC-DC)
    Data update rate1Hz
    Data formatNMEA 0183 Unicore
    Physical indicators
    DimensionQFN  5×5×0.85mm
    WLCSP 1.70×2.84×0.5mm
    Operating Temperature-40℃~+85℃
    Storage Temperature-50℃~+125℃
    Humidity sensitivity<SML3

    Application Techniques

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