Scientific Farming, With The Help of GNSS

The aim of traditional agriculture is to maximize output, driven by this purpose, it has been achieved by relying on biological genetic breeding technology, as well as a substantial increase in inputs such as fertilizer, pesticide, mineral energy, mechanical power. One consequence of this pattern is the low efficiency of agricultural production, the shortage of resource, the serious pollution of soil fertilizer, and the outstanding quantity of food safe. While precision agriculture is a based on space information management and modern  farming management strategy of variation analysis and operation technique system, in brief, it is the rationalization of input and maximization of output benefit. Precision agricultural improve the agricultural reality productivity with high limit, and achieve sustainable agricultural development with high quantity, high output, low consumption, and environmental protection. Refer to the management of space information, precision farming is very close to GNSS navigation, the following two aspects are introduced to the application of GNSS in precision agriculture.

1. automatic drive

Automatic drive is the first step in precision farming, the principle is to combine the position coordinates of GNSS with control system of farm machinery, used to guide agricultural machinery movement. According to the principle of the different, it can be divide into steering wheel steering control and hydraulic steering control. steering wheel control system is simple to install, but it is poor in service life, while the hydraulic steering control has long service life, the installment is a little complicated, which is more suitable for sandy soil.

2.output prediction and various control

We can easy to calculate the per unit output of a plot of land, total output/area=per unit output, but about the output distribution of a plot of land, we can use the hep of GNSS. The concrete method is that install the GNSS and weight sensor on the harvester, and then analysis and process the two kinds of data in geographic information system software, and finally form output drawing. Don’t look down on this drawing, it will guide for the next year’s agricultural production.

The purpose of various control is to control rational input, such as soil improvement, fertilization, sowing, spraying. And the basis of various control is various map. Traditional methods of cultivation is rigid uniformity on a plot of land, the investment of per unit area is basically the same, with the output map as a basis, it’s like to take medicine for the land, and add to the various control system of farm tool, it can be done the rationalization of input and maximization of output benefit.

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