The Difference and Connection between GPS and GNSS

A system for positioning and navigating in real time on a global scale using GPS positioning satellites, called Global Positioning System (GPS), referred to as GPS. GPS is an all-weather, all-weather, full-time, high-precision satellite navigation system developed by the US Department of Defense. It can provide global users with low-cost, high-precision navigation information such as three-dimensional position, speed and precise timing. The application model of satellite communication technology in the field of navigation has greatly improved the level of informationization of the earth society and effectively promoted the development of the digital economy.

The full name of GNSS is the Global Navigation Satellite System, which refers to all satellite navigation systems, including global, regional and enhanced, such as GPS in the United States, Glonass in Russia, Galileo in Europe, and China. Beidou satellite navigation system, and related augmentation systems, such as WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) in the United States, EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System) in Europe, and MSAS (Multifunctional Transportation Satellite Augmentation System) in Japan, are also covered in Other satellite navigation systems to be built and later. The international GNSS system is a complex system with multiple systems, multiple layers and multiple modes.

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