Standard Precision Gnss Small Size Module

Standard Precision GNSS Small Size Module

1. Ultra-small package;
2. Compact design and small size;
3. Low power design.

Standard Precision GNSS Small Size Module

Standard Precision Gnss Small Size Module

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    Standard Precision GNSS Small Size Module

    The ER-GNSS-M05 product is a multi-system small positioning module for the automotive-grade market. The ER-GNSS-M05 is the fourth generation GNSS Navigation and positioning module products, using completely independent intellectual property rights of low-power anti-interference GNSS SoC chip ER-GNSS-C01. High integration, low power consumption, anti-interference design, small size, it is suitable for GNSS applications with high cost requirements.


    Ultra-small package

    Compact design and small size

    Excellent navigation and positioning performance, support single system independent positioning and multi-system joint positioning

    Anti-interference design, the module can work stably in complex electromagnetic environment

    Low power design

    To meet the performance, volume and cost requirements sensitive large-scale application


    Performance Index
    Specification Industrial grade
    Channel 64 channels, based on UFirebird
    Signal BDS B1
    GPS L1
    Galileo E1
    Positioning mode Single-system independent positioning

    Multi-system joint positioning

    <1m CEP

    Time to first fix (TTFF) Cold start<28s
    Warm start<1s
    Positioning accuracy 2.0m CEP (Dual System Level)
    Velocity accuracy 0. 1m/s
    1PPS Support
    Data update rate 1HZ
    Tracking 161dBm
    Capture 146dBm
    Warm start 151dBm
    Recapture 158dBm
    Data format NMEA 0183, Unicore
    Physical characteristics
    Size 9.7×10.1×2.2mm
    Encapsulation 18-pin, SMD surface mount
    Operating temperature -40℃~+85℃
    Storage temperature -45℃~+90℃
    Electrical Specifications
    Working voltage 3.0V-3.6V DC
    LNA feed 3.0V~3.3V, <100mA
    Power consumption 90MW

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