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FOG north finder, as inertial technology becomes more mature, have been widely used in various military and civilian fields. In order to better reduce the impact of various types of noise in fiber optic gyroscopes on the accuracy of the north finder system, it is necessary to improve the north seeker system. Regarding the accuracy of system north seeking, people have made a lot of efforts to improve the accuracy of fiber optic gyroscope north seeking instruments, which mainly include two links:

1.north seeking calculate link:

Dynamic north-seeking technology: The dynamic north-seeking solution is a promising north-seeking solution method. This solution is usually applied to single-axis rate gyro north-seeking system. The principle of dynamic north-seeking technology is: the turntable rotates at a constant angular rate, and the gyro sensitive axis is sensitive to the horizontal component of the earth's velocity. Through the corresponding solution algorithm, the initial angle between the carrier axis and the true north direction is obtained to achieve autonomous orientation. function. With the development and research of relevant key technologies, the time and accuracy of dynamic north seeking systems using laser gyroscopes or fiber optic gyroscopes as the main inertial devices have been greatly improved, and their applications are becoming more and more popular.

Turntable leveling technology: In actual operation, due to the influence of external environmental factors and internal factors of the gyro, the entire system will have a horizontal tilt angle. Under such circumstances, it is very necessary to study analytical leveling technology. The basic principle of this technology is to use the accelerometer installed in the system to sense the horizontal tilt angle of the turntable, reduce the impact on the vertical component of the earth's rotation angular velocity due to the tilt angle, and realize the control of the output signal of the gyroscope. Correction compensation. The use of analytical leveling technology instead of manual leveling methods makes the operation more convenient and faster, and can also improve the accuracy of north finding to a certain extent.

Multi-position measurement technology: When a static north-seeking scheme is used, the accuracy of the north-seeking system is greatly affected by the drift of the gyro constant. Multi-position measurement technology can improve this shortcoming. The basic step of this technology is that during the process of seeking north, the fiber optic gyroscope is sensitive to the north component of the earth's rotation angular velocity at multiple positions in real time at certain angular intervals within a circle. After the data collection is completed, the relevant solutions are used. Calculation algorithm to find the north angle.

2.Signal processing link of inertial device:

In current research, two methods are mainly used to improve the accuracy of inertial instruments and inertial navigation systems: one is to develop and research new inertial instruments by improving the structure design and processing technology in the structure of the instrument; The second is to improve accuracy by improving related algorithms for signal processing. Due to the cost, structural complexity and other related problems in practical applications, it is not feasible to improve the accuracy of inertial instruments by improving the instrument design and processing of inertial devices. This leads to the related issues of signal processing. Algorithm improvement is becoming more and more important in improving the accuracy of inertial systems. Various signal processing algorithms are applied to minimize the impact of instrument random errors on system accuracy and improve the stability of instrument performance.

There are three main types of errors in the output signal of the fiber optic gyroscope: static error; dynamic error; random error. In practical applications, people have conducted quite in-depth research on the static error model and dynamic error model of gyroscopes. The modeling of both types of errors has fixed patterns. However, due to the uncertainty and unpredictability of the sources of interference noise, , the compensation for the random drift of the gyroscope is more complicated. For fiber optic gyroscopes, angular random walk is an important factor affecting accuracy. If you are interested, Ericco will also update the important theory about random walk of gyroscopes. Welcome to discuss with us.

Ericco continues to optimize its own algorithms and devices in the research of north finders, and is committed to creating excellent north finders around the world. They are high-precision fiber optic north seekers and low-cost three-axis fiber optic north seekers. The specific parameters can be found in our ER-FNS-02 and ER-FNS-03. In the future, we will continue to move towards the low-cost development of north finders and make inertial products that satisfy customers more.

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