Short Range Anti-UAVs Radar 

Short Range Anti-UAVs Radar

ER-AUR-05 Features:
1. Large airspace targets detection;
2. Distinguish between ground and air targets;
3. Networking capability.

Short Range Anti-UAVs Radar

Short Range Anti-UAVs Radar 

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    Short Range Anti-UAVs Radar 


    The radar is a Ku-band phased array anti-UAV radar designed and developed specifically for "low, small, and slow" target detection. It is a three-coordinate radar that realizes multi-target three-coordinate positioning in large airspace. The radar rotates 360 ° in the azimuth to achieve comprehensive monitoring of the perimeter, and uses the phase sweep method in the elevation to achieve the height measurement of the target and large area coverage of the airspace.


    Low-altitude security in important areas such as airports, oil depots, mining plants, (nuclear) power plants, water plants, dams, etc.

    Border security protection of border defense, coastal defense and islands and reefs

    Teaching and training in middle schools, universities and professional schools


    Large airspace targets detection

    Unlike ordinary two-dimensional mechanical scanning radar, this radar continuously generates multiple sum and difference beams in the elevation through phase control. The sum beam is mainly used to find targets in large airspace and obtain the distance and speed information of the target. The differential beam is used to measure the height of the target while suppressing the clutter signal received from the side lobe of the radar antenna to reduce the false alarm rate.

    "Low, small, slow" target detection

    In view of the features of slow flying speed of UAVs, the maximum speed is usually less than 20m/s. The radar uses a long-term accumulation method to improve the detection ability of "low, small, and slow" targets, at the same time, it can reduce the radar's transmit power at the same discovery distance.

    Distinguish between ground and air targets

    Because the UAVs are flying at low altitude and easy to mix with buildings, ground, pedestrians, and vehicles. The radar first distinguishes moving targets from static targets such as buildings and ground by measuring the poppler velocity of the target, and then uses the height data to distinguish aerial moving targets from ground moving targets.

    All-weather work ability

    Structurally, with the radome the radar can work in various weather conditions. Electrically speaking, the probability of a UAV flying in rainy weather, especially in moderate weather or above, is very low. Assuming that a UAV takes off in the rain, the radar's power distance is basically no loss under the climatic conditions of light rain, the power distance drops by 5% under moderate rain conditions, and the power distance drops by 15% under heavy rain conditions.

    Networking capability

    The radar is set with multi-point transmission frequency, and the same-frequency interference suppression technology is adopted, so that the same-frequency interference problem can be well avoided as the radar is networked.


    Detection range:

    Distance: ≥4.5km (Pd=80%, Pt=10-6, RCS=0.01m2)

    Azimuth: 0°~360° mechanical scanning

    Elevation: phase-controlled electrical scanning range 30°

    Speed: 2m/s~130m/s (radial speed)

    Detection accuracy:

    Distance accuracy: ≤10m

    Azimuth accuracy: ≤0.5 °

    Elevation accuracy: ≤0.8 °


    Distance: ≤20m

    Azimuth: ≤2.5°

    Elevation: ≤8°

    Data processing capacity:

    Tracking method: TWS/continuous tracking

    Number of tracking targets: not less than 100 (TWS)/1 (continuous tracking)

    Data rate: 6s (TWS)/1s (continuous tracking)

    Application Techniques

    1.Application of IMU in UAV Flight Control System

    2.Application of Quartz Accelerometer in UAV and Positioning System

    3.How to apply MEMS sensor in Oil & GasᅵAerospaceᅵAHRSᅵUAV?

    4.The role of IMU in UAV (MEMS three-axis accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope, three-axis magnetometer)

    5.Anti-UAV Defense System

    6.The Theory of Anti-UAV Defence System

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