Anti-UAV Defense System

The anti-UAV defense system is the ” drone killer” developed by the United Kingdom in 2015. This anti-UAV defense system is known as the “death ray”, which can use radio waves to interfere or even shoot down a mile (1.6 km). Unmanned aerial vehicles to prevent them from engaging in malicious acts such as surveillance and attacks.

The system was developed by three British companies responsible for the development of radar, video trackers and the “barrel” part.

According to the researcher, the radar part of the system can detect the drone in any weather conditions, and then the video tracker can lock and keep track of its movements, and finally the “barrel” emits radio waves to interfere with the drone. Remote channel, preventing it from performing tasks or even shooting it down.

Rick Sundag, vice president of the company’s “Bright Eyes” company, said that “death rays” can interfere with or shoot down drones as far as a mile. He is promoting this to US law enforcement and security companies. a system. He said: “As long as I can see the drone, I will destroy it.”

UAVs have become popular in recent years and have also caused some trouble. In the past year alone, two drones crashed on the White House lawn. In August of this year, when US President Barack Obama played at the Florida National Golf Club, a drone broke into the security zone, raising security concerns.

The US Federal Aviation Administration has introduced strict regulations on drones to cover aircraft-type UAVs and military drones. According to the regulations, the drone operator must ensure that the drone is within the visible range.

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