Anti UAV Defence System

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Ericco is China specialized Anti UAV Defence System supplier and provides high quality and low-cost standard and customized Anti UAV Defence System products to customers worldwide. Welcome to visit us and get more details!

Low Altitude Slow Small Target Defense System AUAV-Vehicular

ER-AUR-02 Features:
1. Module design: detection system using modular design, you can freely select the detection system;
2. Mainstream frequency band suppression: convert the mainstream radio communication band;
3. Standard electricity: equipment using standard 220V mains, no power equipment.

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Low-altitude and Slow-speed Small Targets Defense System AUAV-Fixed

1. Module design: product detection system adopting modular design, the system can be freely selected;
2. Main band suppression: detection and interference, covering the mainstream radio frequency band;
3. Standard city electricity: the equipment uses the standard 220V electricity, not power electric device.

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Low Slow Small Targets Defence System AUAV-Portable

ER-AUR-04 Features:
1. Use rapidly: boot into work state, without waiting;
2. Frequency coverage: support for multiple frequency interference, covering mainstream (UAV) spectrum;
3. Power supply lasting: using lithium batteries, electromagnet change the design, long time outdoors.

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