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What is Permanent Magnet Motor?

In recent years, permanent magnet motors (PM) have been widely used in robotics, aerospace and hybrid electric cars,etc. Permanent magnet motors is very popular nowadays. Besides the current praise of environmental-friendly development mode, the deep reason is that compared with traditional motors, permanent magnet motors have higher performance, higher torque density, and lower weight.

Permanent magnet motor is composed of stator, the armature(rotor) and brush holder and other components. The operation of permanent magnet motor depends on the rotating magnetic field of stator and the constant magnetic field of rotor. It produces a sinusoidal flux distribution in the air gap between the rotor and the stator components. The stator structure of permanent magnet motor is fundamentally similar to that of ordinary induction motor. High-quality permanent magnet are placed on the rotor to generate constant magnetic flux, synchronous speed operation and locking. Permanent magnet motors are usually divided into surface permanent magnet motors (SPM) and interior permanent magnet motors (IPM), depending on where permanent magnets are placed on the rotor.

SPM have the magnets affixed to the exterior of the rotor surface. This rotor has a simple structure, but the asynchronous torque generated is small. It is only suitable for the occasions with low starting requirements and rarely applied. The permanent magnet with IPM have the permanent magnet imbedded into the rotor itself. Unlike their SPM counterparts, the location of the permanent magnets make IPM motors very mechanically sound, and suitable for operating at very high speeds. It has good starting performance. Most permanent magnet synchronous motors use this structure.

Ericco mainly provides users with DC permanent magnet servo motors and DC permanent magnet torque motors. Servo motor is a permanent magnet motor used for motion control applications. And can adopt closed-loop control mode with high control precision. Typically, in an interior permanent-magnet motor design, it is paired with a specific amplifier as part of a matched set to maximize performance.

Torque motor is a motor with torque as the control direction. It adopts the open-loop control mode. It is a special motor with soft mechanical characteristics and wide speed range.The Permanent Magnet DC Torque motor can output large torque at low speed. Its direct coupling has no gear reduction and load. It improves the accuracy and stability of the system and enables it to have a greater acceleration capacity. It can be used as an executive element of a high-precision position and speed servo system, and can also be used as a low-speed motor.

The followings are PM motors which our company supply:

  • LY (international standard) and ZL (manufacturer’s standard) alnico magnet steel series: It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, good craft, excellent technical-economic norms etc.
  • LYX (LYR、ZLR) rare earth magnet steel series: With characteristics of strong overload ability, heavy acceleration torque, small dimension, especially it can be applied in all kinds of highly reliable and tough environments.
  • LWX Brushless DC torque motor series: It has the characteristics of compact structure, good performance, high reliability, long life-span etc. Especially it can work in aerospace and aviation system which are inconvenient to maintain, and also it can work in tough working environment.
  • LST Sine wave driven permanent magnet ac torque motor series: It adopted permanent magnet instead of electro-magnetic, the power factor has been advanced prominently. Also it has the characteristics of high reliability, simple structure, high torque and high ratio of inertia.

Ericco’s engineers forge ahead and innovate constantly, striving to extend our unique expertise in PM motors to more fields. At present, Ericco’s high quality PM motors are in hot sale. If you want to obtain more technical data and quotations, please feel free to contact us.

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